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Description : Drum track #7

Description : Drum Track #6

Description : Drum Track #5

Description : Drum Track #4

Description : Same as Drum Loop 3 with a snare roll at the end.

Description : Anotha one I made from a drumkit

Description : I made this from the same vintage drumkit

Description : I made this from an vintage drumkit

Description : Short Snare Pattern, Made in FL9

Description : Self-explanatory

Description : it's a remix loop from my "Superhero Anthem"

Description : The name speaks for itself.

Description : Brass Loop Made in FL

Description : This is a remix sample loop of my "Groove in the Dark" track.

Description : Scratch I made in FL

Description : This an intro loop from an unreleased track I've made.

Description : Bass that makes you move your shoulders

Description : I did this in a riff machine in FL9

Description : Nice bel loop for any genre

Description : Piano melody
Sounds like a Ding Dong

Description : Guitar Loop I made in FL9

Description : Trumpet loop

Description : Once again made from scratch in a Magix arrangement

Description : This' a nice loop I made this from stratch, I took a trumpet effect, changed it's pitch to make a melody.

Made in a Magix arrangement

Loops 1 - 24 of 24
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