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Description : Made in Hydrogen.

Description : An arppegiated synth rhythm good for a bassline or whatever tickles your pickle. B, F, E, D, C, B

Description : A wobble melody played on the QY10 in Synth Lead 2 to with some distortion via Audition, D-E-D-C# WARNING, It's a bit loud!

Description : The Strings Ensemble voice through the KAOSS's LFO, medium wobble, 90 or 180 bpm, key of E.

Description : I'm holding down the E key, (Strings Ensemble voice) and with my other finger I'm manipulating the glitch function ever so slightly. 90 or 180 bpm.

Description : This is a straight forward kick at 180/90 beats per minute done on my QY10.

Description : A piece of a track slowed down something like 3 bpm on an NDX 400. A bit of digital noize for all the rivetheads out there.

Description : Another one of my creations with the Yamaha QY-10 through the Digitech RP-355. Sounds like that bouncy 808 we all love so dearly. Enjoy brothers and sisters.

Description : This is a synth loop I created playing a Yamaha QY10 through a Digitech RP-355 on the setting "WHAMMY." Progression is A-G-E-G. Suitable for myriad genres, I selected Techno as merely a generality. Please enjoy my loop brothers and sisters.

Description : Simplistic Hip Hop beat at 120bpm on a TR-808.

Loops 1 - 10 of 10
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