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Description : Simple but powerful

Description : As the title says

Description : As the title says!

Description : j a z z e y (Cut at around 190 Hz if you don't want the sub bass)

Description : (not the actor)

Description : b o u n c e

Description : I already uploaded this loop with hi hats. They've been removed in this one.

Description : These are some old vinyl strings

Description : This 808 will beat the shit out of you (and it's in D# harmonic minor)

Description : The bounce is real on these ones. If y'all want me to remove anything from the drumloop, hit me up and I'll upload the edited one. Enjoy!
(The 808 is in D# harmonic minor btw)

Description : A bouncy drumloop. Enjoy

Description : I couldn't find a use for this drumloop, maybe you will. The 808 is in A# minor.

Description : This is a chill e-piano loop that just makes you happy. Link me your work!

Description : This is a spliced sample from a sampled Piano loop of mine. Hope you make fire with it!
Also, link your tracks!

Description : This drumloop is so great, even your granny gonna love it.
The 808 is in D# major

Description : This loop was made in FL Studio 12.
If you use this loop in your work, please give me a link to it.

Description : This is an exotic string loop i recently made. Enjoy :)

Description : This is a two bar trap piano loop

Description : This is another loop with a rhodes organ of mine.
I'd like to see what you can make out of it.

Description : This is a chill loop with a rhodes organ and a jazz guitar. If you use it, please link me your work.

Description : When you use it, it would be nice to hear how you used it. Send me the link of your beat.

Description : Just a simple drumloop

Description : Simple piano loop I created with mda Piano.

Loops 1 - 23 of 23
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