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Description : It kinda hurt. But anyways, a nice reverbed, chorused, and slightly equalized bell loop. For any genre you wish to use it.

Description : Exactly what the title says.

Description : Just a plucky arpeggiation with some delay.

Description : Some saw. Some hyper. Some synth.

Description : Well, it is a piano...
But it's not my style. Still sounds good.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is 256 bpm! Half of that its 128. (the common edm bpm) If you load the file without time stretching it will be 4 bars on 128 and 8 on 256. Both are very usable.

Description : Something I ended up throwing together today. Didn't hit the way I wanted it too but it had a feel to it that others could possibly use.

Description : Thicky thick. Extra nice and thick.
Some bitcrushing and very light distortion added.
Sounds good with a small sidechain behind kicks.

Description : Still cleaning out some of my drives and seeing what projects I can salvage. This is something that sounds nice but I probably wont ever use it.

Description : Figured I should post the dry version too. This one should be more versatile.

Description : Bitcrushed and equalized. I tried to use this but my creativity just flopped and I gave up with this. Maybe you can use it better than I can.

Description : Just some simple soft bells. Didn't do anything to it so feel free to add effects to your liking.

Description : A really fast break I threw together for a piece that didn't work out how I wanted it too.

Description : Downloaded Mr Ray 73 mk1 after awhile of not having it. Still sounds great after how many years its been a thing.
Added a delay, some light filtering, and very light distortion for spice.
Had to add (in FL) and cut off a bar in Audacity since the plugin wouldn't play unless there was a bar before playing notes with the plugin. Old plugin don't blame it.

Description : An electric piano with some distortion, some bitcrushing and a light reverb. Could be used in a few genres. Not sure what I wanted to do with it so I'm dumping it here.

Description : Broke a break at the snare for some fast pace break beat or whatever you want to do with it.

Description : Made this and really didn't have much use for it. Chords to make a sandwich too.

Description : This took way to long to render? I have no idea why. But anyways, a short 4 bar arpegiation of some synthy brass. Slightly equalized to bring more of the low-mids up and the mid-highs down for a warmer feel.

Description : Buzzy bass made with Alan Aztec's Donk Machine 2. Used Grossbeat to add some dimension and complexity. Added very light reverb and delay for spice but tried to keep it dry for your own effects. Equalized the lows so don't over do it yourself.

Loops 1 - 18 of 18
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