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Description : this slaps with flute and spinz 808

Description : keep your 808s in key hehe (C#-A-B)

Description : this is part 2 (flute), download part 1 (guitar) to get the whole sample.

Description : this is part 1 (guitar), download part 2 (flute) to get the whole sample.

Description : nylon guitar

Description : nylon guitar melody (pitched down)

Description : grossy bells but made without groos beat. Lmk if you want the version without effects.

Description : I used one shot kit to make this loop. Also, I added noise (it sounds cooler with this, idk why).

Description : I used one shot kit for this loop. I hope it's usable.

Description : pretty bells. Not dark and not happy.

Description : Simple but cool melody I think

Description : This loop was made using one shot kit (lol). Also, I added some noise to make it sound darker.

Description : Share your works :)

Description : Dreamy melody. Share your works.

Description : Fire guitar melody just for you guys! :D Share your beats!

Description : Made this on my phone with stock DW guitar. More my stuff will be on this site soon.
Please, give me a link if you made something with this loop.

Loops 1 - 16 of 16
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