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Description : random bassline I came up with when I was failing and attempting dubstep again. 140bpm

Description : Rising synth to go with the building drops on my Banger Drums

Description : Bangin sub bass for the banger drums

Description : Bangin trap squealers

Description : Trap drums

Description : an old loop

Description : Nice drums at 106.830 bpm (sorry for slow specific bpm haha)

Description : A nice simple house beat. Fresh!

Description : Synthy chords similar to deadmau5 but also great for dubstep. using this in a collab but i guess you can use it.

Description : A nice simple melody for progressive sounds. Inspired by Avicii. THIS ONE IS SIDECHAINED! :D

Description : A nice simple melody for progressive sounds. Inspired by Avicii.

Description : A nice dance drum loop

Description : Random piano cords. pretty generic...

Description : Great for liquid dnb, kind of loud but im sure you can lower the volume :)

Description : A remixed bassline/wobble

Description : Nice simple heavy dubstep drums

Description : Random synth glitch and sidechained loop

Description : if you can't sidechain... then you should stop making music. JUST KIDDING, heres a sidechained version of it.

Description : My version of his synth in the song Language

Description : A different one but similar to my last clean synth lead

Description : nice feel of a synth lead

Description : awesome bass riff great for buildups or simple bass drop wobbles

Description : A sweet bass wobble from my upcoming track, "Cynthrax"

Description : Its one of my drum samples from my upcoming release, "Cynthrax".

Description : An interesting wobble growl drop effect

Loops 1 - 25 of 61
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