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Description : Got Purity the other night and made this, but I accidentally exported it at another hz instead of 44.1 hz. Had to learn that the hard way, T_T. Comment a link of the beat.

Description : Made this With Sytrus(again), and used the "Borealis" preset. This a simple melody, and kinda reminded me of 21 Savage's "Ghostface Killer". Enjoy! Don't forget to link the final beat, and to BODY it. A bunch of people did just that, haha.

Description : This is my favorite piano melody, but this is even the 3rd melody I've ever made. I'd offer a MIDI for this, but I made this in FL Studio trial version, and didn't bother to make the midi before I closed the project. Enjoy, and don't forget to link your final product when you're done!

Description : This is a simple piano melody. I don't know what to say, link what you make in the comments section.

Description : Tay K X Playboi Carti X Mexikodro X UnoTheActivist X Plugg Type Loop!
Made this in like 5 min., used Sytrus, go to the pads folder in the presets section, and you'll see the "Chord Pad" preset, I used that to make this loop. Link the beat you make with loop in the comments. Enjoy!

Description : This is my first loop! Made this in like 7-10 minutes? Hope you guys like it, and if you use it for a beat, how about you link it in the comments. Enjoy!

Loops 1 - 6 of 6
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