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Description : Definitely not a ski mask type melody.

Description : This is a miss the rage type sample I made.

Description : Another hyperpop loop, slightly different one this time.

Description : This is the third stem of this melody, this the glitchy lead.

Description : This is the second stem for this loop, this is the glitchy synth.

Description : A slightly glitchy melody that sounds like something nick would make for dro kenji. This is one of 3 stems.

Description : This is a simple NM x JW type melody I made, enjoy!

Description : This is a simple melody for hard beats like XXXTENTACION, Ski Mask The Slump God, Comethazine, etc.

Description : A simple melody I made for hard repetitive beats.

Description : A melody that would work in a JW x TKL song.

Description : A synth heavy melody for use in hard trippie x playboi carti beats or hyperpop

Description : A simple trap melody that might work with wheezy production. Therefore it should fit future.

Description : A piano melody I made that might work in a polo g song. Has a Nick Mira vibe to me as well.

Description : I don't know what this could be used for either, but have fun.

Description : Honestly don't know what artist this would fit, but hope yall find a use for this.

Description : This is a weird glitchy simple melody I made. This will hopefully fit in a carti or uzi type beat. link if you use it.

Description : A simple banjo loop for ski mask or bouncy type beats.

Description : This is another synth melody that is similar to what trippie has been recording to recently. Also sounds like it could be used in Hyperpop or something. Link your tracks if you make some. Enjoy.

Description : This is a melody loop I've made based on some of the new beats trippie been using, such as 'Miss the Rage', them beats also sound like something Playboi cart would hop on, so yeah. Enjoy..

Description : This is a saxophone melody that may be used to make a hard Comethazine or ski mask type beat.

Description : This is a bell melody I made, very simple, nick Mira Type Melody.

Description : This is to go with the main piano melody from the Balmoral Castle loop. Add reverb to this is what I'd recommend.

Description : This is a sad melodic bell melody that has a Juice WRLD x Nick Mira vibe.

Description : This is a simple catchy flute melody for a drum focused beat like what Dababy or Playboi Carti may use.

Description : A chopped up melody vibe for boom bap or trap beats. This is the main piano.

Loops 1 - 25 of 25
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