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Description : show me what you make

Description : Show me what yall make

Description : show me what fire yall make with this

Description : Semi-realistic guitar loop. Show me what you make.

Description : Cooking up in quarantine

Description : Hope you enjoy it. Comment what other type loops you want. I'm bored in quarantine.
As always, send me what you make.

Description : Haven't uploaded in a long time. Lmk if yall like it, definitely let me know if yall get any placements with it.

Description : Lemme see how you use it.
I'll record over what you post if I really fuck with it.

Description : Just some relaxed pad chords. Let the drums control your track.

Description : Show me what you make.

Description : Good for Oliver or Playboi Carti or Aries type beats I guess. Show me what you make.

Description : this is just the same melody as the last one with a reversed version of the reverse of the melody.

Description : Post what you make, hmu for any collabs

Description : Very atmospheric vibey carti type loop. Made it using stock fl plugins.

Description : Send me your results. Mods took it down the first time...

Description : Made as some additional flavor for my gross flute beat but I don't think they mesh too well.
Remember to leave your beats in the comments.

Description : Just a few simple flute chords with a top melody but then I put it through gross beat and I thought it would be good for a chill trippie or carti type beat or sum.

Description : Leave your results in the comments.

Description : ProdByNoLie
Send me what you make.

Description : Just let me know if you use it or if you want a custom loop.

Description : I used a few custom nexus packs to make this.

Loops 1 - 21 of 21