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Description : A semi rain drop like synth, which can be used for mellow trance beginnings, or as a transitional element towards the main melody.

Description : A bassline that I personally would like to consider as progressive and psy material.


Description : A saw loop, that could be applied beneath your main bassline, giving it a more ambient ( atmospheric ) vibe.

1 - Can be used as an intro element.
2 - Can be used for certain breaks/drops/ and progressions.

Description : A Saw like sound, that works splendidly on Trance tracks.

1- Can be used as background/supporting pad.
2- Can be used as a second layer along with the main melody.
3- Is suitable for vocal voiceovers.

Description : A progressive Square/Saw 4 Bar riff.

Reeverd slightly applied to the loop.

1 - Perfect to use in Beginning / Mid sections of the track.
2 - Works just fine as a pre-element towards a more elaborate and melodic version of the riff.
3 - Transitional Element.

Loops 1 - 5 of 5