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Description : Just some chords on a Guitar sounding synth. 'Link your stuff :)

Description : Put some chord and arps together on xpand2. idk what it is but the sound is cool. Enjoy
Please link your stuff

Description : This is a guitar loop that my and my friend Shaune came up with. I chopped it up so now its kinda weird but i like it . make sure you comment the link to your stuff

Description : V versatile Trumpet beat, it could go Hip Hop, Latin Or pop even, so just leave a link to what you create

Description : Xpand2 again, Just doing what felt right. Make sure you tag me on what you create

Description : Used Xpand2 and just made these trippy but yet soulful chords. Tag me in what you make i'd love to hear it.

Loops 1 - 6 of 6
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