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Description : Here's a sample that can be used as a simple melody!

Description : Here's something from an upcoming project!

Description : Feel free to chop it up, should be pretty easy to do!

Description : PART 4!

Description : PART 3!

Description : PART 2!

Description : Here's the treble version!

Description : PART 4!

Description : PART 3!

Description : PART 2!

Description : Here's a brass progression I've come up with over the last day, this is the bassier feel. A lighter, treble like progression will come soon to accompany it! Parts 2-4 are coming soon!

Description : Here's my first try at Trap, I only have the kick and snare in this one. I used the Acid Soft Synth for this thing, probably my best work from that MIDI. The loop with hats will come soon!

Description : Here's the first version of anthemy sound! It's sidechained to a House drumline!

Description : Here's a fun little melody I created. It does contain some distortion which gives it a bassier pluck whilst still maintaining a higher pluck! Enjoy!

Description : Here's a piano chord sequence in G Minor.

Description : Here's a warm pad to assist the sweep pad!

Description : Here's the percussion set that sounds like DnB at the tempo 150.

Description : Here's the one of the pad loops for Chordination.
Key: G minor

Description : Here's the "bassier" version of the prior lead. I combined them in a song of mine. Key is G minor.

Description : Here's a fuller melody made up of chords in Gminor. Tell me what you think?

Description : Here's a little saw synth I created, it's sidechained. It's for a project of mine!

Description : Here's the PIANO ONLY to Chords of Simplicity

Description : Here's the CHORDS ONLY to Chords of Simplicity.

Description : Here is the previous loop, the saw melody. I was notified that the loop was too quiet, and I agree. So here is a sidechained version with a much louder volume.

Description : Here's another house/electro drum line, this one is more hard hitting and fuller!

Loops 1 - 25 of 37