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Description : A nice vocal loop enjoy buds. Also probably gonna change my account name on here because I'm a little tired of the super cheesy name I chose a while back lol. If you'd like to give credit, just put it as "nelson" (: Whatever your choice is, link me your finished project! I'd love to hear it!
Edit: If looping, try crossfading in between, it might help smooth things out

Description : OOoh, vocals! If you use it, could you put the finished project in the comments? I'd love to listen to it. Or not, anywho, what do you think she's saying? also, you should probably check out whatever latest track I put up on here (:

Description : Completely unrelated to the previous loop, just some dope dRUMs with a slight vocal twISt. GOOD stuff.

Description : A chopped up, reversed, kinda weird, celtic flute (:

Loops 1 - 4 of 4