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Description : Inspired by 90s g funk vibe.

Description : The base loop for one of my beats I made inspired by beatmaker YZ, hope ypu enjoy working with it!!

Share your songs/beats!

Description : Another loop I made back when I was living in Warsaw. Enjoy it and share links to heard your beats/songs!

Description : Another chill out loop I got while playing around last night! This time I tried not to use too much instruments or notes, so you can base your music on the chords and be more creative! Hope you enjoy it and share links!

Description : Here is another loop created with rhodes, guitar and many ambient sounds!! Hope you enjoy working with it. If you do, do not hesitate on post links to your beats/song!!

Description : Another loop I made with keys and ambient stuff!

Hope you enjoy it, and do not hesitate to post links to your songs/beats with this loop!

Description : Here is a self-made loop I made by flipping old samples I got and adding some keys and ambient stuff. Hope you like it!!

Also I'm looking forward to hear your creations based on this loop, so do not hesitate on post links to it!!

Loops 1 - 7 of 7
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