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Description : piano played and recorded by my bro
please show me ur work

3/4 piano loop cut to 4/4 stretched to 126bpm
perfect for hiphop/boombap/lofi

Description : here you go

Description : people asked, people get. key is Em (recognise the synth?)

Description : people asked, people get

Description : people asked, people get

Description : dont kill me. Key is in Em

Description : i have no clue what this is

Description : A bass from a song im never gonna finish

Description : ......

Description : .....

Description : .....

Description : .....

Description : .....

Description : .....

Description : Another trap pack

Description : Haven't been uploading lately. Starting to get back at it! Want more like this? Goto soundcloud com / kxyos . Taking requests for beats and melodies. just comment !

Description : Made in about 15 mins using vanilla FL12 (no external plugins) If you want the FLP just send me your email in the comments. Just tag me the finished project and link it to me! I would love to hear it !

Description : Full EQ'd

Description : Fully EQ'd and Sidechained

Description : Let me know where you use this! Anyone can use it and you don't have to credit me! I just would love to see where you used it :)

Description : Great for: Any electronic music. Dubstep, Trap, EDM, dance etc.

Description : DODODO DOO

Description : DO DO DO DOOO

Description : I think this could fit into any type of trap. Calm or heavy. I've tested it out too

Description : Hi Hat pack. 4 Types of Hats in 1 loop

Loops 1 - 25 of 39
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