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Description : A new spanish guitar loop. Think it works well for hiphop. Kind of inspired by Jedi Mind Tricks.

Can't remember what key I played it in:-(

Take Care and check out my stuff, PETAYAN

Description : Have fun:-)

Description : Hey guys, this is a trumpet loop from my song Phrygische Frieda. It´s 96 BMP and the Scale is C-Phrygian(C, Db,Eb, F, G,Ab ,Bb).
Hope you can use it for some crazy stuff;-)

Description : Hi, this is my very first loop using a very cheap spanish Guitar and recording it through the intern pickup and an extern microfon. It sounds to me a little spanish and oriental.

Let me now if you enjoy it and I might upload more of that stuff:-)

Take Care, PETAYAN

Loops 1 - 4 of 4
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