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Description : For those who like to decipher;-)
Chords = 01010000 01000101 01010100 01000001
Melody = 01011001 01000001 01001110

Description : Hi guys, would like to post all the loops for the track but links are not permited here. So you can go to youtube and just search for the track. In the describtion I have a link to all the stems:-)
Greetings Petayan

Description : Mellow horns from my basement (on the hill:-)

Description : I little, mellow picking pattern from one of my singles. It has a spanish/vinyl vibe.

Description : Petayan - Guitar Sketch #13. Enjoy:-)

Description : Hi guys,

another loop for you. Its the first one with a new guitar Im very fond of. Hope you like the different tiembre.

Its very similar to the first loop Ive uploaded.

Enjoy and as always - feel free to contact me at my email (see profile) for more loops or features.


Description : Hi guys,

time for another little loop for you. I imagine this will fit in a piece with some spanish vocals og tropical vibe.

Hope you enjoy!

Description : A new spanish guitar loop. Think it works well for hiphop. Kind of inspired by Jedi Mind Tricks.

Can't remember what key I played it in:-(

Take Care and check out my stuff, PETAYAN

Description : Have fun:-)

Description : Hey guys, this is a trumpet loop from my song Phrygische Frieda. Its 96 BMP and the Scale is C-Phrygian(C, Db,Eb, F, G,Ab ,Bb).
Hope you can use it for some crazy stuff;-)

Description : Hi, this is my very first loop using a very cheap spanish Guitar and recording it through the intern pickup and an extern microfon. It sounds to me a little spanish and oriental.

Let me now if you enjoy it and I might upload more of that stuff:-)

Take Care, PETAYAN

Loops 1 - 11 of 11