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Description : A upgraded version of my old loop "Trap Style".
This one has better bit rate, quality and such, but you can still check out the other one though it is not recomended!

Description : this is 23 letters and 3 numbers

Description : A quick loop I made for you guys while I was bored! :)

Description : Just a blend of dutch and electro

Description : The glitch thing is for making your drums sound phater.

Description : meh...

Description : they are funky and glitchy

Description : They are funky, not much glitchy... well.. still posted here :D

Description : for 100 bpm glitch drums

Description : glitch hop? or what is this loop?

Description : meh....

Description : the same, but without hihats

Description : Title says it all

Description : A very clean bassline with added sub chords are as follows:
C A# C# C

Description : Says it all if you play the sound file

Description : This is the variation of "beastmode activated"

Description : This is the version one of this bassline, be sure to get the variation

Description : Someone will call this ethnic drums, but i used house drums and "african drums"

Description : How could i do that?

Description : a breakbeat mixed with drumstep

Description : Dubstep bassline that sounds awkward

Description : A swift and sparkling house beat

Description : Its a fast, deadly 134 bpb House loop for you to enjoy

Description : colorful and trippy, for you!

Description : Title says it all. (depressive DnB synth is found in my loop collection)

Loops 1 - 25 of 33
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