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Description : just read the title with the bells and its funny... LET ME KNOW IF YOU USE THIS LOOP! I love hearing the music y'all make out of these loops.
Description : I remade Future's Kings Dead verse... You're welcome. If you use this loop please let me know! I can only imagine what someone could do with this.
Description : The name just kinda came to me, but the loop consist of an Icy Piano synth with some reverb.
LET ME KNOW IF YOU USE MY LOOP! I love hearing y'alls creations, and I wanna hear more!
Description : This loop sounds a lot like the Stranger Things soundtrack leads and synths, in the sense that it's very ambient and electronic sounding. Very good for trap and hip-hop beats, but haven't used them for other genres.

Let me know if you use this loop!!! I love to hear y'alls creations!
Description : This was just some semi-choreographed hit-hats that I was experimenting with. Send me a link if you use this loop!
Description : I made this by accident looking for a good piano flowy piece for a hip-hop beat, and I ended up with this very majestic, beautiful piece. Send me a link if you use it!
Loops 1 - 6 of 6
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