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Description : guitar sound i made in reason with a fitler

Description : stars,sounds and sparks

made in live 9

Description : naughty sounds lol

Description : dope boy on thee drums

Description : bass doping and other worldly stuff

Description : wanna be gangstas banging on drums

Description : bass n wanna be gangsta's

Description : trippin on bass man.

made in sylenth

Description : simple drum pattern made in FL studio

Description : I had to make another version,this one heavly glitch in live 9

Description : glitch rock pattern for freedom

Description : expressing my rock style,made inl ive

Description : Alternate version with a filter vel automation

Description : made this using a vsti synth in FL studio

Description : Lullaby i made using a omnisphere vsti using its semi-real harp sound engine

Description : different arangement but still shopping

Description : sound i made using a omnisphere

Description : MAssive kick blasting

Description : attacking your ear lobes

Description : drunk chords my people,made useing massive vst

Description : the end with style

Description : similar pattern with gross beat

Description : the scene changes

Description : pattern 3

Description : pattern with a oct changes

Loops 1 - 25 of 32
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