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Description : Kind of blippy little electronic arp that could have loads of uses. Again, as with most of my loops, I've kept the filters as they were, but you guys should definitely mess about with it

Description : Same lead sequence but a muted version as promised with the cutoff dropped by around 60%.

Description : End your summer on a high with a big lead to get those arms in the air. There is also a muted version of this I am uploading with the cutoff turned right down for those of you that are not comfortable doing your own filtering

Description : A very simple but effective pattern, that will sit somewhere between your bass, pads and your lead. This is what we call a groove, something that gives your track some motion :-)

Description : This little muted lead with delay has been put up to go with my warm pads and other samples using the same chord sequence. I've done it with a track in mind that SadinLeigh is working on with some of my loops but of course, anybody can use it. Let me know how it works

Description : Dance producers, enjoy this one... Chicane style, anthem creating, nice little loop. Let me know if you do anything nice with this :-)

Description : Nice little filter on the delicious dance pads, just for a bit of variation. Makes them a little softer, if that's your thing :-)

Description : I've kept these pads quite "sharp" sounding so that you can soften them at will, rather than add the filters myself... It's a winning chord sequence... Download, enjoy and let me know if you do anything with it

Description : Beautiful Lead, with a nice delay... Somebody will do something really nice with this. If you use it, I'd love to know because there is something about it that I just love.

Description : Analogue style lead, sounds pretty harsh on its own but stick some drums behind it and it would be great on a grime track, harder hip hop style or anything that wants to pack a bit of punch.

Description : Modern take on an electro style bassline with 2 different bass elements working together. This could cross over many electronic genres. I've kept the sound pretty clean so that you can mess about with it.

Description : Very Decent muted arp chord sequence which I have left dry. Use your cutoff filters on this to drag it down and push it back up and it should be a winner. Let me know if you do something nice with this :-)

Description : It's a chord sequence I've used a few times but I love it with this synth... I know somebody out there is going to love this. i've not filtered it, kept it clean, so that you can mess about with it. If you use it, let me know as I'd love to hear what you do with it :-)

Description : Simple, melodic and left fairly dry for you to filter, mess about with and add you're own effects. download and let me know if you find a home for it :-)

Description : Same chord sequence as my warm ibiza pads but a little softer and wider. I hope you like. Download, use and enjoy and let me know if you use it as I'm keen to hear my stuff on your tracks :-)

Description : Nice little pas sequence, soft and warm with a little pulsing in the background. This should work for dance and chill projects... Let me know if you do anything with it :-)

Description : Nice groove loop for dance style track, great for adding a bit of motion to your track. cheeky little bottom note key change makes it interesting. Let me know if you do anything cool with this

Description : This loop is purely to show how a couple of my loops fit together for people who want to use more than one of them on a track. it's my pulse dance pads with the bassline I created for it, plus some drums in the back to show how it can sync - Enjoy and dowload the loops

Description : This bassline has been designed to sit behind my pulse dance pad loop but of course you can use it where ever you like. Have a listen to my Demo Dance Loop 1 to see how they fit together with a drum beat behind - Let me know if you use any of it :-)

Description : Nice little pad sequence, will work for a few dance genres. I'll be uploading a bassline soon that will sit behind this nicely, just to give you some ideas. Let me know if you use this :-)

Description : Nice little build up, not too harsh. trance influence but could cross over... If you're looking for that classic sound... This might work. Let me know if you do anything with it :-)

*** Please note I had an issue with the original upload of this file and it clipped off a bit at the beginning. This version is better

Description : A Very simple Ibiza style muted loop like from back in that day. Will sit across a fair few genres. Let me know if you do anything with this :-)

Description : Fairly harsh pulsating pad, dropping a little softer in the middle. The start and the end match, so you can cut it and loop it in any way you like. Let me know if you do anything with this

Description : Nice trance style chords with sweep effect and filter drop. 1st and last bars match up so you can chop it and loop it. Let me know how you get on with it :-)

Loops 1 - 24 of 24
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