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Description : casual drum beat

Description : i ran this through izotope vinyl to make it sound dirty, literally

Description : interesting sliding synth, works both in Aminor or C MAJOR

Description : read the title

Description : Dark Suicideboys Type Piano

Description : i was bored, made this in less than a minute

Description : yknow 808 notes are C and then it goes down to B

Description : yeah idk

Description : same things applies Dm then Am

Description : first chord is Dm then it goes to Am

Description : yes , this was indeed made with the Windows Error sound

Description : that one beat

Description : I don't even know bruh

Description : you know what im talking about

Description : Creepy and Melancholic Piano Loop

Description : Pretty Clean and Melodic Drum Loop

Description : Melodic Drum Loop

Description : goes wit the guitar loop I posted

Description : made this at 4am , was super bored

Description : qrqrqqrqwrqrqrq

Description : idk bass notes are C C A G

Description : Weird Spacy Arp

Description : The instrument is literally an open hat + some effects

Description : Weird Beat

Description : Basic and Generic Beat

Loops 1 - 25 of 92
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