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Description : made this and didn't have any ideas how to incorporate a melody into it

Description : Izotope Vinyl for extra crispyness, i didn't add an 808 so you can make your own bassline to fit your song

Description : jazzy

Description : Suicideboys , Three Six Mafia type melody , phonk , trap spooky

Description : the sound used to make this melody was actually me blowing in a bottle

Description : Bass is played on F#

Description : short riddim pattern

Description : sawtooth

Description : im not certain about the key of this melody since its made from a snare i modified a lot

Description : 808 notes are D G E C

Description : sounds kinda happy idk

Description : cute bells

Description : i guess this would work in some phonk

Description : seshhh

Description : i was messing around in serum and this turned out, its played on the E note


Description : made this with my personal synth, pretty simple, chords are F and C

Description : the exact bpm is 130.5 my program messed up something sorry

Description : yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Description : dark piano , the chords are D#m F#m Bm A#m
Suicideboys Bones type piano Dark Hard

Description : im bored

Description : bells.

Description : i think this would fit Lil Uzi ig

Description : contains a snareroll at the end
Suicideboys, Doomshop, Devilish trio type drums

Description : wrote this out of boredom, should be in Em but im not entirely sure

Loops 1 - 25 of 114
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