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Description : made with nexus

Description : really simple guitar

Description : Spooky Ambient Trap

Description : hatzz

Description : Lo-fi-ish Drums with bass

Description : hard hitting kick

Description : Dark Sub-Bass #2

Description : wierd fast beat

Description : yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

Description : aaaaaaaa

Description : some synths for a buildup

Description : Liquid Dubstep Chill Beat

Description : one shot 808 that i made

Description : sakura melody

Description : sakura melody with grossbeat

Description : Pad Loopty Loop

Description : a beat that i made. FIRST PART HAS 3 808 NOTES and the Other one has full 808 notes

Description : if you are wondering whats the instrument. its literally a snare that has been pitched up a lot and then made into this. dont ask me why i did it

Description : Chill Atmospheric Pads

Description : really punchy kick

hard like my meat

Description : Techno Drums or watever

Description : Techno Bass

Description : i made a trap metal drum loop

Description : i made a piano melody then in my opinion it was too fast so i added 2 GROSS BEAT Half Speed presets on it
Thought it sounded pretty cool

Description : Dark Sub Bass

Loops 1 - 25 of 34
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