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Description : Made with Fruity DX10

What even is this melody?

Description : Made with MiniSynth
can fit with anything

Description : mmm What a good sound!

Made with 3xOsc

Description : I love color mapping

Description : Finally, the last loop
PS: I recommend you to mute the clics sounds at the beginning and the end. They were put there to avoid suspension due to untrimmed tracks.

Description : The kick pattern from the beat
PS: Declick the end, I did it so it won't get suspended again.

Description : Just some claps from that beat.


Description : Again, it's also from the same track (2/5)

Description : This is the 808 pattern from the track i made today (1/5)

Description : Remake of the chords from Ugly God's track Water

Description : Similar process to the previous forbidden loop

This loop proves that i'm a risk taker

Description : It's all just Nexus. Really. What's the big deal?


(not a guitar loop according to the guidelines, i know)

Description : Literally just a reversedbell loop, with a Plug Walk Gross Beat preset, then an EQ, then a limiter , then another gross beat preset and MDA Degrade, as well as a flanger (i guess you would guess the loop)

Description : Made with RayBeatz808 drums and with Cymatics - 808 (Patcher presets Vol. 1)

Description : Made with reFX Nexus (a bell preset)
Scale: Dorian (This scale is palindrome)

Description : Made with reFX Nexus
The preset is "CRB - Space Pads"
Preset bank: C-Ram Beats XP Vol. 1
Fits well with chillmar's loop

Description : Made with reFX Nexus
Try reversing it if you want to

Loops 1 - 17 of 17
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