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Description : Sorry I've been gone. Welcome back

Description : This beat goes with the previous loop I posted. So put them together, and again, Enjoy!

Also, I meant to put 145 bpm on the synths.

Description : I love these chords. So filthy but smooth. I hope you enjoy them

Description : Sorry I've been away for awhile, I have A LOT to provide you guys. Emjoy!

Description : I LOVE these. Enjoi :)

Description : Brasssss

Description : Brass

Description : Mario drums? Who knew.
Let's hear it ;)

Description : Zomboy? Mario? I don't know. Enjoi

;) Let's hear what you make!

Description : I was requested to post the vocals behind the skrillex lead. Here you go!! Let me hear what you do :D

Description : Mmmm.


Description : Yeeee

(Wise words of Maggik)

Description : Yarpp

Description : Behold, the almighty

Description : Enjoy!!

Description : Some chord swells from Massive.

Description : Some future chords for you ;)

Loops (17)