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Description : Clams Casino Kick sample, Fed through sausage fattener, UBK, Virtual Tape Machine and then Lex Plate with a delay low in the mix

Description : Built using heavily processed drums hits from various funk track, thrown in to an Ableton drum rack, then through sausage fattener in to a Lexicon Plate Reverb, in to ISL2 Compressor from Nugen with a hiss added last from Slate Digital's Virtual Tape Machine running really hot. There's so crackle and distortion in the top end but it give it more character.

Description : Started with the Amen Break, Sliced it, Pushed it through Supercharger GT, then an EQ, in to Ohmicide then to LexPlate and out through Slate Digital's Virtual Tape Machine. To fatten it up and I tracked an section in DrumR with a subby kick and neutral hats n snare.

Loops 1 - 3 of 3