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Description : Imagine if the dead were still conscious and unable to say anything...

Description : War always sleep with one eye open.

Description : I was surprised how ethnic drums can go well with a rhodes.
Maybe you will too.

Description : Even though it's mid march, it feels more like winter than winter itself.
Smooth rhodes, lugubre ambiance, 86 bpm in C.

Description : You first

Description : 3snoopy5me

Description : Someone's curse is for an other, a source happiness.

Description : You know when you happily wait for death to come and tear your soul out from you...

No more expectations.

Description : A lil' brut jazz guitar rythm.

Description : Let's get vintage, shall we ?

Description : It takes me to the last summer, alone in the beach at dawn, some vodka and chilly D&B...

Description : ...Well, hi. Maybe that i'm back.

Description : Subtility and simplcity rhymes with beauty... " La nature est bien faite " like frenchs says.

Description : " They fight, cry, shout, kill to get the breast, all of that without the assurance of getting a single drop of milk. " - Emeline Bécuwé.

Description : Hope you enjoy this ambient loop, and please, make sure to check 40a's loops aswell and MCNorad's 'pellas if quality is all you need! :)

Description : I really have a thing for Egyptian mythology... Hah. (Hardcore Hip Hop)

Description : Things go fast in my head these days. So much information, bad situations and all of that crap... There's only guitar to heal my wounds.

Description : Just trying to express a situation with a loop.

Description : Got it in a flash! Can be used in D&B or Dubstep ! :)

Description : An a**hole inspired me to play with a music box... Treat or death ?

Description : Simple oldschool hip-hop drumloop.

Description : Describe it by yourself! :)

Description : This is unusual... ^^

I don't always do piano loops, but this is transposed from a guitar loop that I made.

Description : Little Jazzy/Fusion-ish loop. Hope you'll like it, and if you used it, let me know!

Also, I've used it myself in one of my tracks, check it out!

Loops 1 - 24 of 24
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