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Description : Some melodic bells made in Logic, lemme hear the beats if u use it

Description : lil uzi loop (in a flat minor), link me the fire that you make with this one!

also, hmu for collabs too : )

Description : suitable for trap artists like lil skies, lil uzi, juice wrld etc. link me ur work, would love to hear it!
key is a flat minor

Description : keys with an organ, would love to see some beats with this so drop links if used : )

Description : lil uzi type loop i had saved, but couldnt use. post links and let me hear what u got if u use it.

Description : definitely hear some Future type beats being made with this.
f minor

Description : sounds like nav i guess, let me hear what yall do

Description : feel like t would sound good in a weeknd or russ type beat, something laid back like that. hmu for collabs tho

Description : can't do anything with this, let me hear what you guys do tho.

Description : chiptune with a little reverb

Description : simple, yet effective. let me hear how you guys use this : )

Description : something simple

Loops 1 - 12 of 12
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