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Description : Something simple but live

Description : Unfinished beat, layered piano and synth notes (FL Studio) hope u can use..

Description : Hot drums!! Use it!!

Description : crazy drums!! use it!!

Description : made in fl studio (poizone) hope u can use
listen to my track using this loop!!

Description : Progression: D,FA ..then E,G,B

Description : another trumpet layered w/fl melody..

Description : fl melody w/trumpets

Description : FL...drum, snare,hat, & AYE!! haha hope u use it.

Description : simple...used FL studio, use it! i wanna hear if u do anything with it :)

Description : This sounds so good w/a beat.... this is the loop w/o it ...made in fl studio

Description : Didn't know what to put this under.. made in Fl Studio using synth, pizzi, & bass..hope u can use!!

Description : Made in FL Studio .. hope you use it for something!! :]

Description : Simple drum pattern..hope u find it useful for something - id like to hear

Description : FL Melody using trumpet sound, hope you can use it

Description : Simple progression using FL Studio melody...layered with strings

Description : Piano with a little bass and light drums... it's a random loop I made and have no idea what to do with it.. maybe u can use it? oh well enjoy :)

Description : Synth in FL Studio Progression: A, Ab, Gb

Description : Simple loop for a track.. hope you can use

Description : made with fl studio ..hope u can use !

Description : Just some percussion instruments, basic beat made with FL

Description : Already used....made in FL Studio but maybe you can use it for something. If you do I'd like to hear :)

Description : Already used this loop but I thought I'd share it. Hope you like :) - Made in FL

Description : Layered a melody in FL Studio using strings, bass, and guitar...hope you can use and if you do I'd like to hear!

Description : Really low bass, but heavy... If you use I'd like to hear :)

Loops 1 - 25 of 29