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Description : melody made with brass section on piano roll

Description : hip hop flute sequence

Description : loop of bells

Description : loop that i didn't use.

Description : cello loop. enjoy

Description : simple bell sequence

Description : Simple loop with flute

Description : easy violin sequence

Description : tuba loop

Description : step sequence with goa lead

Description : Another short piano sequence

Description : Hip Hop loop from piano. Enjoy

Description : easy loop made with a grand piano

Description : Tuba hip hop melody

Description : deep air sounding loop

Description : strong melodic pad loop

Description : short harmony pad loop

Description : short melodic loop.

Description : dirty lead sequence

Description : Pad Melody. 120 bpm

Description : Weird loop melody

Description : Short pad sequence made in music studio.

Description : Short melodic sequence of bells

Description : Trumpet loop on top of a Synth Bass

Description : Simple cello loop with a filter.

Loops 1 - 25 of 26
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