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Description : Light hearted hip hop chords.

Description : This is a sharper synth shot loop possibly for a rap beat. Keys used - A, E, C, A, F, E. I hope you can use it.

Description : Kind of airy and a little bubbly arp synth.

Description : Part 4 of 4. I couldn't make anything of this beat, so I uploaded the parts for you to enjoy. This is a combination of hats/snares

Description : Part 3 of 4.

Description : Part 2 of 4.

Description : Part 1 of 4.

Description : A kind of synth pattern Future might rap over. C, E#, G, & C, E#, G#.

Description : A simple loop for a hip hop beat. Comment and let me know what loops you are looking for and I will post more. Keys used (E, G, B, D, E) & (D, F, A, B, C).

Description : Horns layered with strings using Kontakt. If you like, let me know and I'll upload more.

Description : Fit for an r&b style track.

Description : Ruthless synth for a trap beat. Chords ( F, A#, C) & (F, A#, C#)

Description : A guitar loop that I tried to do something with...and didn't work out.

Description : A loop for a hype beat.

Description : Tube Synth made with Absynth.

Description : Mad House Strings made with Kontakt.

Description : Bounce

Description : Hypnotizing Strings

Description : Terror strings for trap beat.

Description : Feels like regret, maybe loneliness, hope?

Description : A tight distorted drum loop.

Description : Brass for ya

Description : Pretty cool drum loop for a dope beat

Description : synth/electric piano mix


Description : Sounds kind of harsh. Glorious pads could make it beautiful though :')

Loops 1 - 25 of 32