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Description : just ignore dis

Description : some stuff I'm working on

Description : okokokokokok

Description : I'm using this for me but feel free to use if for you

Description : kingdom hearts

Description : bit ch wtf is thsi?

Description : its a thing for me, screw u

Description : make with Sakura using chinese strings, violin #6, and STR les paul clean FG with gross beat

Description : yea okay oo

Description : Made using "BAS Acoustic 1 FG" In morphine. This is being used as a supporting melody in an upcoming track i'm working on which is why it isn't super crazy. Still, feel free to use this and send me what you make!

Description : Made this using two sounds from morphine and also an SFX from morphine of a thunderstorm. this is an extension of my previous loop which you can find on my profile. Send me whatever you guys make, have fun!

Loops 1 - 11 of 11
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