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Description : #KcOnThaKonstruction original sounds
Description : Harpsichord chord progression #KCOnThaKonstruction
Description : Happy New Year’s Eve, synth brass Chord progression #KCOnThaKonstruction
Description : Outer space pad #KCOnThaKonstruction
Description : Rnb Trap ish EPiano and fretted piano chord progression. Ps, every thing I post is ORIGINAL #KCOnThaKonstruction
Description : Whistler chord progression #KCOnThaKonstruction
Description : Chip tune melody with a whistler progression #KCOnThaKonstruction
Description : Stereo delayed bells with some dark string chord progression #KCOnThaKonstruction
Description : Melodic dark bells I whipped up #KCOnThaKonstruction
Description : Couldn’t upload for awhile
Description : Electric Organ with some dark Choir.
Description : Vocal vox pad. IG @kcothakonstruction SoundCloud @KC On Tha Konstruction
Description : Late night loop make,Soft grand piano with a choir vox in the bakcground.
Description : Two part loop, zap synth and high strings. #KCOnThaKonstruction
Description : When you feel motivation #KCOnThaKonstruction
Description : Dark Trap? I think so #KCOnThaKonstruction
Description : Be a innovation, not a imitation.. #KCOnThaKonstruction
Description : Playing around with a lil chord progression. Ain't been here in a minute and I think the root note is G lol I could be wrong. I was gonna make a trap soul beat but why not share it?? #KCOnThaKonstruction
Description : Sensitive pad chords, dark Trap ish. Still looking for collaborations #KCOnThaKonstruction
Description : Ehh, I guess you could make RnB Trap with this one imo. Straight brass attakc #KCOnThaKonstruction oh ps, I'm still looking for collaborations dope inquiries only!
Description : Just playin with drum programming lol #KCOnThaKonstruction
Description : I initially used this for an unfinished r&b trap trakc but, why not throw it to the music community? Always working on music, and still looking for collaborations. #KCOnThaKonstruction
Description : A reverbed grand piano, a band passed grand piano, and a reverbed Big bell all in one. I can make loops all day, let's go!! #KCOnThaKonstruction
Description : I guess this would be an twerking concept (in my opinion) but, great minds thing differently but uniquely. So, let's see if you can make a dope trakc. Calling all audio engineers! Let's make bangers today! #KCOnThaKonstruction
Description : Another Sikc loop, I really like this one. Some "dark trap" ish. Hit me in the comments for collaborations. Let's network and create dopeness. #KCOnThaKonstruction
Loops 1 - 25 of 31
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