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Description : It`s kind of loop was inspired by Early Disturbed.

Description : This was recorded with my Strat and my NI twin amp with a little delay. This was also made with a Hiphop loop.

Description : Key of C. Chunky Rhythm with Heavy Noise Gate.

Description : Key of C. Very Abrupted Rhythm with noise gate.

Description : Swell Effect applied

Description : With Heavy Tremolo

Description : with Reverse Delay

Description : Same as 1 but with Phaser

Description :

Description : This is D and G chords going over a D in the bass.

Description : Deep Purple like organ riff

Description : One Shot Chord

Description : Whole Note Organ Sound

Description : Second Variation Fast Shuffle 1

Description : This loop can be used for either Rock or Blues.

Description :

Description :

Description : Basically can be used to help with chase or click track.

Description :

Description :

Description :

Description :

Description : Drum Rhythm Inspried by Robert Sweet of Styrper.

Description : You`ll love this loop. A Boss DR-202 Drum Sound spilt with Electronic Kick and Snare dry and the Rock Drum Kit fed thru My Native Instruments Guitar Combo.( The idea came out by mistake).

Description : Basic 1,2 Beat

Loops 1 - 25 of 27
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