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Description : Pitched down chimes with added effects.
Ill happily make your requests.

Description : made with ensemblia 15 free in kontakt

Description : Made with ensemblia 1,5 free kontakt library

Description : I can listen to this for hours. link in the comments if you use this and let me see :)

Description : yuppp

Description : yup..

Description : meh, it is what it is

Description : link me your work with this piano :)

Description : simple fill for extra tension.

Description : Just found out about KONTAKT and had to try it. this is the outcome.

Description : some funky sloppy beat

Description : grabbed this out of an old project, hopefully it can be useful to some of you. main keys are D - C - G. as always, if you come up with anything creative using this, id love to hear it!

Description : This is the synth layer for the track.

Description : This is the lead of a track that i've given up on. Hopefully some of you can do something creative with it. If you do, id love to hear it!

Description : soft piano tune made in FL12 with the fl keys default plugin and some eq, delay and reveerb.

Description : another thing that you can toss into a project to get your creativity pumping.

Description : Quick simple and quite unique progression.

Description : 128 bpm future house base loop in F# key.

Loops 1 - 18 of 18
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