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Description : Soft Guitar loop

Description : Rhodes from my most recent track I've started. As always, please let me know if you need anything and if you used it and share the track!

Description : This piano, again, accompanies the other two; however, this one is more for the chorus. It is a bit more heavy hitting.

Description : This is the same piano loop but with a few variations to make it a little bit more interesting.

Description : This is a soft piano loop to a new track I just started about two hours ago. Enjoy!

Description : Light piano loop from my recent track.

Description : Rhodes from my most recent track.

Description : Dark Chill Suffle piano melody recorded live as usual to fl studio from my midi keyboard.

Description : Slow Chill Piano Without Fills

Description : Slow Chill Piano Up Octave. Same as slow chill piano only it has been raised an octave and the notes have different velocities for varying emotional feel.

Description : Slow Super Chill Out Piano recorded live to fl studio using my midi keyboard.

Description : A piano loop that I have a hard time naming.

Description : Emotional/Calm Piano

Description : Dark Chill Piano melody.

Description : Cool pluck with base notes included. Could be used for a chill song or something maybe. Send me your creation with it!

Description : This is a chill pluck loop that could be used in the background of a project possibly.

Description : Drum loop for a chill song.

Description : A piano remake of the fireflies melody.
Part of a remake/cover/remix I composed on piano
figured maybe someone could use it
recorded live by me. tempo is 125 but I was a bit free with it and my keyboard has a delay when recording midi into fl studio so it never records right in time on top of that.

Description : Synth with a bit of a buzziness to it and a bit of a happier/faster feel.

Description : Super Calming piano created on Fl Studio. Played live on my midi. Feel free to comment on this as well as ask for any adjustments on it to better fit your project. (if I still have the loop to edit I will gladly)

Key: A?

Description : Some effects used on this. recorded live by me.

Key: A maybe?

Description : Soft/chill piano melody with effects

Contact me if you'd like it without the effects

Not sure the key because I am self-taught.

Loops 1 - 22 of 22
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