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Description : Sample from an old song of mine.

Description : A sample from a track of mine.

Description : just another loop

Description : I don't have nightmares but my dreams are tearing me apart

Description : Short piano melody with an uplifting yet emotional vibe.

Description : Synth for my track

Description : Slow-paced Piano melody

Description : Nice piano-type melody

Description : Weird synth pluck

Description : Minecraft style piano.

Description : An upbeat funky bell

Description : Old-timey radio sounding piano with emotional vibes

Description : Soft reverse rhodes

Description : A chill soft pad sound

Description : A weird but happy-sounding bell thing with a pickup note.

Description : Shuffle rhodes

Description : I'm in the process of remaking an old track of mine but I would love some help making it right. I ask that you please not use this otherwise.
If anyone is interested please shoot me an email or a comment below and let me know! :)
no social media pls

Description : Soft somewhat uplifting piano

Description : Synth no bass

Description : Lo-fi piano progression

Description : So chill its cold
Spacey bells

Description : Probably one of my most favorite loops I've made.
Spacey, chill type bells. I've had this loop for a while hoping to use it but haven't been able to. If you'd like it without reverb or a different effect, let me know.
Please let me know if you use it!

Description : Some chill keys with a distorted piano

Description : Another modified natural harp for a hip-hop track

Description : A modified natural harp for a hip-hop track

Loops 1 - 25 of 68
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