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Description : AKA: Ozone. A very interesting dubstep drop loop that I made a while back. Sidechained.

The growls and hydraulic synth were sampled from Total Samples' Chemical Dubstep and Virtual Riot packs, while the main noise was made on my own with Massive and heavy processing.

Please let me know if you use it in a track! :)

Description : Here's a quick 90's house / future house drumbeat that i knocked up in a couple minutes. Enjoy. Perfect for use in 90's sounding house / future house (Clean Bandit, Philip George, Tchami etc)

Description : Here is an alternative version of the "Happy Arpeggio" which i posted earlier. This one sounds a bit more sad with the melody changed to E Minor.

Made in FL Studio.

Description : Hey guys, so I made this very interesting arp yesterday in FL Studio.. It actually sounds pretty good, and it feels quite happy.

This loop used a bit of swing/shuffle for it to stand out.

Probably inspired a bit by Fox Stevenson's Sweets but not too much.

Loops 1 - 4 of 4
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