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Description : made with omnisphere

Description : wasgood

Description : put a spinz on this or sum u got yoself sum smooth

Description : wasgood

Description : Made this loop this morning but I'm too lazy to do anything with it rn soooo. Made with omnisphere.

Description : omnisphere - ambient celeste keyboard

Description : depressed synth

Description : Goes with sad piano loops

Description : goes with sad piano loops

Description : goes with Sad Piano loop and bells

Description : uploading loops that go with this

Description : Uploading some loops that'll go with this.Sorry I ain't upload in a minute.

Description : made with podolski

Description : click my profile picture

Description : Ronny J X 21 Savage X Southside X SCAR LXRD Piano

Description : yeet yeet

Description : yeet skeet shmeet

Description : sorry pepes

Description : the title

Description : oh okay fam

Description : sounds like some drake or sum

Description : yeett

Description : yeee yee brother

Description : dffhoirqgioq

Description : sigdaow9gfu

Loops 1 - 25 of 78