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Description : Made a weird Bitcrushed pluck and gave it a rhythm and some effects. Also a phat sub cuz why not.

Description : I don't usually make hybrid trap lmao

Description : Kinda reminds me of a deadmau5 song lmao

Description : Resampled melody from a cool soundscape

Description : Idk i think this is pretty cool.

Description : so much Distortion and OTT lmao.

Description : this sounds pretty sick ngl

Description : kinda reminds me of BRH tbh.

Description : tried putting this into a banger house track but I suck at making fills so here lol

Description : These are surprisingly easy to make.

Description : I love distorted basses.

Description : Found out hardcore has a pretty sick old-school style FX preset for guitars, and I figured i'd turn it into something.

Description : Made compiling a bunch of foley and ofc a kick and snare.

Description : I can tell people like these so here's another (maybe more coming soon, who knows?)

Description : kinda sad I guess idk

Description : seems chill to me.

Description : As requested.There's an OTT on, so I apologize in advance for earaches.

Description : I think this sounds nice.

Description : Finally got OTT installed properly and i'm having fun with metallic basses lmao

Description : Messing around with some resampling

Description : Maybe a bit more hopefulness?

Description : somehow gives me a feeling of drifting in space.

Description : I absolutely love these chords omg

Description : Now THIS is a banger

Description : Maybe the bitcrush is a bit much but it's bouncy af

Loops 1 - 25 of 180
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