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Description : Playing with some more sound design :>

Description : Ya'll remember my Excision styled basses?

Description : This is very loud but it sounds amazing. Hope you like lasers!

Description : This is pretty sweet.

Description : Been away for a while. Working on stuff, and things. Enjoy!

Description : Watcha think?

Description : scrapped idea.

Description : This is quite a nice piece :)

Description : Another scrapped idea, but, hey, what can you do?

Description : This is epic

Description : Hope this sounds interesting :)

Description : I am completely out of inspo right now omfg.

Description : I kinda love this one :)

Description : Lots of little beeps and boops in this one haha

Description : Hope you guys like this one ;)

Description : This is a sick ambiance :)

Description : I made another using a similar method to the last.

Description : Pretty proud of this.

Description : Unfortunately I don't know the key, and i'm too lazy to try and recreate the chords, but here you guys go!

Description : This is also quite nice.

Description : This is quite nice.

Description : I love this sound.

Description : Was gonna put this in a song, but I can't seem to make the song how I want it, so have this for free. :)

Description : Idk where tonight was supposed to go but I didn't expect to make this.

Description : this sounds pretty cool

Loops 1 - 25 of 220