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Description : Kinda reminds me of a synthwave type of song.

Description : I want to make lofi but I can't come up with anything so ig i'm making chill drumloops now.

Description : Spooky chords :)

Description : I'm going back through old songs I had (but deleted) and sampling them lmao. I used some good ass stuff back in the day.

Description : I've been really feeling lofi lately idk why.

Description : Back in another hard place. kinda sad, and kinda angry at the same time.

Description : Idek what category to put this thicc ass sound in, so imma just default it into Dubstep I guess.

Description : The second.

Description : Here's the first.

Description : Quanta is amazing.

Description : Finally bought RC-20 and i'm trying to test it. Lemme know what you think? :)

Description : Just coat this in some thicc reverb and you'll be good to go.

Description : Short thingy here.

Description : Another one

Description : Short loop

Description : Been obsessed with Hybrid Trap drops lately. Hope this sounds good lol. Left out the reverb so anyone could use their own.

Description : Aside from Virtual Riot's amazing risers, I made this one from a detuned lead and automated it's speed. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.

Description : Re-listening to Getter's album really got me in my feels and I wanted to upload something that got to me.

Description : Amazing sounding chord loop I made. MIDI unavailable.

Description : I dunno I get sad vibes from this lol

Description : Sounds kinda weird but I love it all the same.

Description : This also sounds pretty nice.

Description : This sounds pretty nice

Description : Super Distorted/Bitcrushed Percussion loop that sounds pretty rad tbh

Description : GMS is such an amazing stock plugin. I hope this doesn't hurt anyones' ears lol

Loops 1 - 25 of 127
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