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Description : Some crazy sound design for you guys. Reuploading because I redid the sound just a tad.

Description : Messing around with sound design, completely unrelated to my normal stuff lol

Description : Cute lil loop I made as part of a free sample pack I have yet to release.

Description : Made using LABS and HalfTime

Description : Had no idea Sakura had this amazing sounding piano preset in it.

Description : Just testing out sweet melodies and teaching myself how to master properly.

Description : made using a sine wave.

Description : Just bought HalfTime so i'm messing around with it.

Description : Cool little piano melody I came up with.

Description : Made this cool little thing using some Half-Time, Compression, and a tiny bit of arrangement correction. The reverb was built into the plugin, and really adds some atmosphere to this.

Description : Cool little electric guitar melody.

Description : Made in serum using a modified sine wave

Description : same loop but slowed down

Description : A cute little music box melody.

Description : Cool little thing I made.

Description : New piano loop.

Description : Was going to put this into a track but gave up.

Description : Just some Bass one shots I took from a VR sample pack and made into a sick sounding fill loop.

Description : This goes with the piano.

Description : Was working on an idea for a song but I can't come up with anything so maybe you guys can.

Description : Something special.

Description : Here's a chord stack I made as an apology for not uploading as much as I want to be. Got a lot going on in life right now, and haven't really been putting much effort into anything. [Very Loud BTW]

Description : Hope you enjoy :)

Description : Loving FL Studio's new FLEX plugin.

Description : Autogun actually has some pretty cool trapstyle presets in it if you dig around long enough.

Loops 1 - 25 of 79
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