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Description : Title is pretty self explanatory loool

Description : Garagey style house beat.

Description : Created in the style of Tchami. Known for his incredibly deep and minimalistic sounding drop synths. Definitely one for the clubs :D

Description : An extremely delicate synth not be used on it's own. It provides backing to other synths in the mix.

Description : Like a Timpani used in Classical music this heavily reverberated kick drum describes the shape of a room to the listener and is able to inspire that of even Mozart himself!

Description : A steady 4 on the floor bass growl intended for House drops, Trap drops and Complextro alike.

Description : Recommended use is when introducing a new drum to the percussion section of your dance song.

Description : Recommended use is in the intro to a House type song.

Description : A short 4 on the floor house intro synth.

Description : Intense low frequency to mid frequency bass.

Description : Extremely wide reverberated piano lead.

Description : An extremely wide EDM synth with reverb.

Description : A short, heavily reverberated club synth sound.

Loops (13)