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Description : ETERN1TY
this a crazy dark "hyperpop" melody made in serum and spire ive added a shi ton of granular effects on it and it turned out greaT!!!!

Description : ye ye some dp style ting

Description : epic weeb rap melody if you ask me

Description : a jplugg loop

Description : cybercore loop lol

Description : now you can sound like yungsterjack

Description : lol for that kind of songs bruh
time sig 3/4

Description : no generic bloatloops here buddy
touhou hardest bullethell game 10/10

Description : me saying bruh

Description : oriental jp
yeet it sounds adorable

Description : synth1 euronam bank
idk why people are so secretive about this genre

Description : this is not your generic piano loop omegalul

Description : cute af melody idk why bruh

Description : it's trash pattern to be honest

Description : very recognizable recycled drums from various drumkits
anyways it's from a remake! LLP

Description : lol it's done to death

Description : from a unfinished collab

Description : j-rap type loop
like 7th chords and stuff
synthpopy retro sounding and stuff

Description : Recorded serum on a cassette tape recorder and recorded it back to fl and used grossbeat on it

Description : Xpand!2 & Synth1

Description : patch made in massive & Synth1
pretty much basic

Description : made in fl recorded in a crappy cassette tape recorder and then recorded back 5 times to get that lofi sound

Description : music theory is lame sometimes lmao
so i listened some couple of icytwat's beatapes
i've studied the chords that he mostly uses,
so i've used nexus lol
it's just 3 chords!!! with my own take on it

Description : from an failed Happy Hardcore track
made with 30 instances of serum

Description : high passed& added ott to the piano and chopped it up
make your kawaii track

Loops 1 - 25 of 60
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