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Description : yep, you guessed it. once again, this may be 130 or 135, its a while since I made it, sorry for any inconvenience.

Description : another techno drum loop. again, may be 135.

Description : techno drum loop. may be 135, sorry if i got it wrong.

Description : mellow synth pad in key of C.

Description : me saying overdose then pitched up so it sounds like gollum from lord of the rings. creepy.

Description : dirty analog square synth, oriental sounding melody

Description : made from cut up techno samples

Description : dark, bluesy synth line

Description : housy drums

Description : funky little house bass loop

Description : dark drum and bass bassline, bluesy feel

Description : just the hats from dnb loop 3

Description : really techy dnb drum loop, made with ableton drum rack

Description : nice atmospheric dnb drums, made on ableton's drum rack, with the help of some compression, EQing and a touch of reverb.

Description : This is the main drum loop from my track 'Love It'. I've been getting a lot of love for the drumbeats, so I thought I'd upload this for ya. Made on Ableton's Drum Rack.

Description : another 1980s synth with added reverb and chorus. like the other '1980s' loops, this is played in A minor.

Description : 1980s style analog bass

Description : 1980s style electro synth line

Description : the partner to 'old school synth line'. played in thirds.

Description : Old school rave riff made with an old vocal sample and a pitch shifter.

Loops 1 - 20 of 20
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