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Description : "whats up baby? whats up baby! come, see, daddy"

not really my style in either fx or lyrics, but i think its kinda a cool rock/glitch combination that would fit into any electronic type track well anything from some dub to some electoronic funk, or cou

Description : glitch singing with a bit of distortion took extra time to made sure it loops well

Description : slightly remixed/glitched screamo

Description : quick guitar sample i made, makes up four bars of music

Description : another screamo glitch

Description : a scremo/ glitch vocal loop

Description : another arabic/ ethnic vocal sample, yes auto tuned a bit, but i doubt the average person could tell with some music behind it. use it in what ever you see fit just besure to let me hear your creations!

Description : a quick guitar riff i whipped up for yall

Description : added a vocoder at the end

Description : an arabic vocal loop, fits perfectly to just about anything.

Description : made it, couldn't use it, maybe some one else can put it to good use

Description : added some reverb, and an echo... i think even a chorus fx to it as well... anyways i think this piece would go great at the beginning of any track that has to deal with heartache ---- let me know if you use it would be interesting to hear what you make o

Description : high ambient type opera vocals with an eerie set to them natural tone no pitch shift, eight bars, loops great

Description : great for dance or any of the such, saying just dance ...

Description : designed for a break down or a bridge part of any track

Description : this was the original bridge for Love candy but i think it kinda sounds more like an intro

Description : Digital speaker counting down, again very light effects to smooth it out

Description : very very subtle effects to smooth out the pitch shift, im not sure on the Bpm, 107 and 51 are both very likely because the metronome clicks correctly for both, then again i'm not an expert. this was made as a request, hope it helps some, if not i have an

Description : i think theres more of a break down feeling to this one, i might do one more

Description : same as last, just second part of it

Description : i've gotten better at making drum loops so i figured i would start to upload some, didn't know which genre so i put in acoustic, for now, any one know what genre i should throw this into?

Description : me, impersonating a MJ classic, and yes that is my true range lol, i can go a tiny bit higher but not much.

Description : I made this after some one tried burning me in a comment about one of my other vocal loops, its still there if anyone wants to take a gander at it and see what i said back, loop is called "Pity from your eyes"
which i agree isn't the greatest but appare

Description : a lightly remixed vocal that alternates from center, left then right, really basic

Description : i took a short vocal loop i made, added reverb, echo, delay, and i cut it up manually and placed it over its self

Loops 1 - 25 of 28
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