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Description : A simple piano melody in Dm.

Description : Just an "extraterrestrial" sounding loop.

Description : C/A min FM bass

Description : FM madness

Description : Played around with a recording and came up with this. In C minor.

Description : Dirty 808 bass. 90 bpm Gmin

Description : Dark pad in the style of "The Weeknd" or "Drake" 140 D#m

Description : Clock-like rhythm on a percussive sound

Description : Trap arp in F#m

Description : Pitch rise effect.

Description : In Fm/ G# Maj

Description : SFX made with a kick, some reverb, a ton of compression, and a little bit of automation.

Description : Bass guitar in Em/G (notes: E, B, G)

Description : Gated synth in F#.

Description : G minor lead made from scratch in Sytrus. Specifically, the notes are G, D#, and C.

Description : Hip Hop Brass loop in C#/A#m

Description : Low pass filter on snare for two bars and two bars with no filter.

Description : Tried making a bass loop similar to what can be heard in a popular track by DJ Mustard. Notes C#, F#, and E.

Description : 8 bit style loop in D# minor.

Description : Alarm or siren effect.

Description : Simple kick and clap.

Description : Sound effect that reminds me of something you'd hear in a Transformers movie or something like that.

Description : Fat 808 Bassline. Notes: C,C,G,G,G,C

Description : Inspired by Dj Mustard...

Description : Trap-Style Clap Roll.

Loops 1 - 25 of 86