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Description : got the idea of producing a psytrance track with the time signature 7/5, kinda stuck for ideas rhythmically so i thought i would pop this here for others to use and see.
if sample is used fully, please credit me.

Description : started making some dubstep and i came up with this beat, i really like it. i liked it so much i wanted to let you guys have a copy to =D

Description : Dubstyle Drum 1 - Crossover Drum loop of Dubstep and Hardstyle... estionally a dubstep loop using Hardstyle Kicks and and stuff (its in here because Dubstyle was invented by Headhunterz (Hardstyle) and therefore one would asume its should go in Hardcore

Description : basically like the last one but all i did was change the pogo abit and got this great kick too, warning though this ones hard

Description : basically i made this in FL9 and did alot to make it this hard and this loop could blow your speakers

Loops 1 - 5 of 5