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Description : trap muzik

Description : from that one track off of circles

Description : 145 vamp goth blood

Description : its in A# dorian scale. its similar to minor aeloian
lucki carti uzi fauni

Description : hard travis gunna lil baby f minor fast

Description : idk just goes hard. uzi carti fauni

Description : uzi carti travis scott 2016 vibe hard synth chill

Description : synth lil skies drake sad

Description : saaaaaahhhhh oh yeeyee

Description : very chill and based

Description : lil skies lil peep gunna lil baby

Lil skies, drake, travis scott, free, fire hard, pierre bourne, playboi carti, A$AP

Description : travis scott, Gunna, Lil baby, dark scary melody


Description : this in C# major but also F# major

Description : Reversed pad and lead from purity

Description : sample from an old track I made.

Description : a minor ...k

Description : dark ambient drake travis scott lil peep

Description : B E G F#

Description : lol yall said my loops sound like this so here ya gooooo

Description : make some heat with this

Description : Please comment if you use it :3

Description : Please comment if you make a beat, not just if you posted it! :)

Description : phat 808

Loops 1 - 25 of 47
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