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Description : Synth Loop about Health Kits Package by Nexus Corp. LMK how it works in your mix, Peace.
Description : Ambient Marimba Loop. Mood Setter. Signal Cue. LMK How it works in your project. Peace.
Description : Ambient Pad sample about those mysterious city workers for you to use. LMK how it works, peace.
Description : Recorded in FL Studio with my keyboard synth samples. See them wondering what the hell happened with the life they knew.
Description : Recorded in FL Studio with my keyboard samples. Going for a Mark 1 type of EP Piano.
Description : Created with my Casio in FL Studio.

Odd tempo groove type of idea. Something different for sure.
Description : Recorded with my Keyboard in FL Studio

A breathing bagpipe type idea. A familiar type of vibe I use to hear a lot back in the 90s type of energy.
Description : Space Pad. Ambient Swirl of darkness and light combined.

We in for one hell of a ride. You ready?
Description : Acid Rain. FL Studio. Dark Atmospheres. BGM Choir. Film/Animation Soundtrack. Something new I made today. Enjoy, Peace.
Description : Percussive Bell Loop - Alone With You. A timeless moment forever spinning in stationary motion. Its a self reflective thought process like shadows drawing on a darkened room wall of pleasant moments that seem to hurt as time aged and forgotten you.
Description : Brass Loop - Alto Sax. FL Studio. Oldie of mine, still useful. Interested sample I created for yall to use. Time to Reup for 2018 mixers. Lets get it! Peace.
Description : Brass Loop - 2much 2uba. FL Studio. Oldie of mine, still useful for misc projects. Enjoy! Happy festival mixing! Peace.
Description : Behemoth Airship Arrival. Oldie of mine back when BF1 came out for the ps4. Enjoy! Happy creative mixing. Peace.
Description : FLames. FL Studio. Oldie of mine, still useful. Some inspirational motivation for you. Enjoy,Peace.
Description : High Syde D2D Dust2Dust. FL Studio. Oldie of mine, Mix n Match as needed. Enjoy, Peace.
Description : GV - FL Studio. Oldie of mine, still useful. Happy Mixing! Peace.
Description : Unity - Pizzicato. FL Studio. Oldie of mine but still useful! Enjoy, Peace.
Description : Marcat Strings. Oldie of mine but still useful. Happymixing! Peace.
Description : MadDogg2020 Roads Piano. Oldie of mine but still good. Reup for others to remix in 2018! Enjoy, Peace.
Description : 120bpm,DM. Digital Plastic. FL Studio. Mix n Match, Enjoy.
Description : Bell Strike tone. FL Studio. Mix n Match, Enjoy. Add reverb and pitch it up/down listen to the world of magic.
Description : Bell Strike and hold. FL Studio. Mix n Match. Enjoy. Good for Ambient Rap/Hip-Hop.
Description : Bang Bang FL Studio 20. Its a smoke-a-long.
Description : 140bpm,Dm. Bell Loop - Stohgsville E-Bell. Trip holics will like this. Put some of that dark grime percussion to it, listen as the magic sparks up the skies of possibilities.
Description : Synthestra. She's a bad b*ch. Enjoy =) For all you trapaholics out there in the real world.
Loops 1 - 25 of 128
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