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Description : Thick Ultra Mellow Lite padded synth loop, cheers!

Description : That sweet sweet lovin. She's been good to me.

Extra piece from my loop package set. Simply flows like the refreshing breeze traveling into the cool winds across the globe. Just breathe. Let her light you up your creative voice. Lets get it yall Enjoy, Peace.

Description : A singing crazy 8 loop Misc E-Piano Loop from one of my extra sets that I wanted to share here. Any questions or feedback leave it in the comments section or through the Contact Page here. Thank you, Enjoy.

Description : Royal Brass Loop idea sketch 001 for an Orchestral track extra I made for a film that didn't need these extra parts. Enjoy. If any questions leave a message in the comments or use the Contact page here, Thank you.

Description : Movie sequence que 1 percussive addition. Useful for various types of projects. Sci-Fi works well and most BGM soundtrack types. Use your imagination I'm sure there is plenty more options. Enjoy.

Description : Movie Seq Choir Pad is great for Horror Mystery type Ambient BGM for your usage. Experiment and try out other sides of these varied tonalities.

Description : Misc piece useful for ambient mystery BGM type works but works for multiple scenarios. Sci-Fi works great!
Not sure the key of this loop but if you do spot the correct form let me know, thank you. Enjoy.

Description : Misc piece for a sad kinda tune. Multi genre able. Let me know how you mix it in. Lets get it.

Description : Ambient/Atmospheric Pad Loop, Mix n Match, Use as needed for background ambiance or filler spaces. Good solo moment feel too. Welcome to the "Winter Storm"

Chords Used - C#Maj7, CMaj13, D13, FMaj

Description : Exploring, discovery type background sound to fill in your projects for atmosphere ambiance. Let me know if you'd like more of these. Happy Holidays, Peace.

Description : Misc Orchestra strings loop for you mix. Hope its useful to your projects. Enjoy, Peace.

Description : Misc Clarinet piece from my orchestral set. Might be useful for your projects. Lmk, Peace.

Description : Misc Brass Loop piece to use as warmth and energy to your tracks. Gotta get angry lol. Some type of Trap/Rap pump up brass. Hope you enjoy,Peace.

Description : Universal Background Strings for your productions. Enjoy,Peace.

Description : Spizzi Strings. Mix n Match. Grab n Go. Lets Do it.

Description : Early Hours. Sleepless. Darkness. Spirits. Evil Deeds. True Story.

Description : Synthesis Construct. Gold Mining. Cave of Wonders. The ONE and ONLY. Even DEATH has a PRICE to PAY. Get your BLOOD MONEY today.

Description : When They Come For You ...

Description : A Trip DownTown. Memory Lane. Way Back. Here n Now. Mix n Match. Do what ya gotta do. Peace.

Description : Synthetic. Open. Adder/Filler. Electronic. Club. Nightlife. Pony.

Description : OPL 130. Mix n Match as needed. Enjoy.

Description : Choir Pad Loop piece 1 for yall to try out. Let me hear how it goes, Peace.

Description : Misc Harpsi Chord Instrument loop for yall to try out. Let me know if you need any more like this. I also am working on variations of my loops for those that requested it. My apologies I am always missing now.

Description : Synth Loop about Health Kits Package by Nexus Corp. LMK how it works in your mix, Peace.

Description : Ambient Marimba Loop. Mood Setter. Signal Cue. LMK How it works in your project. Peace.

Loops 1 - 25 of 151