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Description : Some chords inspired by John Abercrombie - root, fifth and ninth - a simple progression.

Description : B, G#, F# / G, F#, E. Octave dark disco riff with sub-bass effect from Zoom

Description : Fretless phrase recedes into the distance.

Description : A maj to G maj feel on fretless bass, sweet sounding with some delay.

Description : Raga-like pulse, stutters at the end. Throb in E & B

Description : E, F, G octave notes on bass, lots of phase. Slightly behind the beat.

Description : Quirky fretbass phrase. E, F, D, C, A. Might work as an interlude somewhere.

Description : Will work with a doef doef beat and sequencer. Played on a fretless 5 string bass. Lots of wood and some earthy buzz.

Description : Octave pedal bass riff needs some floaty chords on top or maybe female vocals.

Description : F A D C notes played in a meadow, flowery dresses, bottles of wine. Guitar like repeating riff

Description : Fretless bass buzz, woody D and octave, grinding a hole in the earth, big trucks down there

Description : D#, G#, B, A# notes, major key feel, fretless

Description : Gm to Cmaj type bluesy funk bass groove - fretted bass, wah pedal playing chords

Description : Stream train coming through a tunnel. Lots of echo,
D major feel. No idea how I made this, may have used tapping and the Alesis reverb with reverse echo effect.

Description : Guitar like riff made with artificial harmonics. Notes A E D G D. Phase effect, pushes and pulls the beat. Plucked like a chicken.

Description : Heartbeat low bass groove, notes E to F#. Fretless bass, organic feel. This patient's alive so step back because the anaesthetic is wearing off ..

Description : Fretless bass playing a riff that sounds like it would work in a Spaghetti Western - A Fistful of Dollars or something like that. Clint Eastwood, Lee van Cleef. Lots of space, not much action. Gringo's looking edgy, people getting ready for a gunfight. Do

Description : Heavy fuzz bass riff in D. Distortion, metallic sound, dirty pulse. Thrashy.

Description : Dark octave pulse in E minor, the key of all stoner jam sessions - pass the joint somebody. Bass guitar, digital delay, small bass fading in the background.

Description : Generic bass vamp, notes C to Bb then C an octave below. Played with a sub-octave effect. You can hear the stopped note at the end. Fretted bass guitar.

Description : Echoey scratchy feel in A minor
Made with a bass guitar but high up the neck so it sounds a bit guitar like. Added delay and some reverb. Have no idea how it could be used, but there's no limit to people's imagination

Description : Artificial harmonics played on bass guitar together with a supporting bass line underneath. Produced using a digital delay sampling pedal - played live. Used an Alesis reverb pedal.

Description : Metallic tap groove very trebly phase effect. Played on a 5 string bass guitar with a high C string so it produces a guitar like sound. Was originally for a collaboration with a local dude, but he did nothing with it.

Description : Wah wah bass, notes C to A. Very fuzzy, funky. Produced with a zoom bass effects pedal

Description : Wah wah effect on zoom bass pedal. Groove goes across the beat. Add this to Part II and there's a cool groove. Notes C to A.

Loops 1 - 25 of 28
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