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Description : The first synth in my Project Synth project.

Description : A crappy donk I made

Description : A binural beat, best heard using headphones, will help calm you and allow you to relax.

Description : Basic happy hardcore bass line.

Description : Basic Happy Hardcore drums, uses three layered kicks, a ride on every kick, a hi hat on every third beat, snare on every 8, and a hat with a bit of 3 step delay.

Description : Happy Hardcore lead!

Description : Happy Hardcore synth Lead from the sampled synths I am creating using Reaktor and Reason 4.

Description :

Description :

Description : Analog Goa Bassline

Description : Drum loop with a few toms, natural drums.

Description : Made this a long time ago, not exactly trance, but still useful cool loop

Description : Add a bunch of 3 step delay and it sounds great!

Description : Glitchy drums, made in Reason 4 pretty fast.

Description : Glitched vocals made with my Kaoss Pad.

Description : Mixed with my Kaoss Pad.

Description : An evil sounding synth loop.

Description : A swooshing loop mixed in my Kaoss Pad.

Description : A studdering synth sound.

Description : Mixed with my Kaoss pad, a hectic awesome loop. Reminds me of Aphex Twin a bunch.

Description : Mixed a few loops in my Kaoss Pad and came up with this. Slow it down or speed it up, I think it's great.

Description : Made in Reason4 with Thor and the factory preset bass sound called attack bass.

Description : I played this bass riff once and I noticed it sounds like Daft Punk's Steam Machine bass. So I plan on doing a remix of it sometime but I give you this loop. Enjoy!

Description : Used in my song Drumline

Description : Used in my song Drumline

Loops 1 - 25 of 31
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