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Description : Nice dramatic strings. Can be used in an orchestral composition. Be creative, have fun, enjoy.

Description : Cut off to the max.

Description : Rising chord to be used while building that excitement on your track.

Description : Another part of my exciting synth 2 series. Looperman brought me back, and this time around I'll come keep coming with some nice chords for your composition.

Description : This is the end of the automation clip. You can use this at the end of your chain for the hook.

Description : Part 2 of the Exciting Chord. This can be used at the end of the loop for that rising effect.

Description : A nice running chord that can be sidechained effectively.

Description : Nice smooth piano I used in a DnB track I'm still working on and tweaking. I hope you enjoy it, and shoot me a message if you use it I'd love to hear what else you could create with this loop. ;)

Description : Some nice progressive house drums in the likes Deadmau5

Description : Same as electro pluck 2 just a running chord.

Description : Same as the other just a variant. I switched a few keys around.

Description : A smooth dance chord in the likes of Deadmau5 of course. I love this one its my freakin favorite!

Description : Another Chord loops in the likes of Deadmau5.

Description : This chord can be used as a Progressive House type track. I decided to make a Deadmau5 type chord. If you use leave me a review please ;)

Loops (14)