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Description : This one was requested. hope you enjoy.

Description : A Beat with Graffiti-can sounds.
useful if you want to tell a story about sprayers or gangsters life or something in your song.
Have fun.

Description : this is a hard neurofunk loop with some basses!
it's also useful, if you cut it with a slicer.
(Perfect for FL Studio)

Description : This is a very hard Drum and Bass Beat.
I would like to hear the results, if you use this loop!
You can also tell me, what you want to have.
I will produce a loop you want.

Description : dubstep

Description : this is one of my best breaks!

Description : these are samples from an old school amen break.
i sampled them my way. :)

Description : This break is one of my classics.
from now on i wont be shy, i will give you loops, that will kick your a** off!

Description : this is a standard drum and bas drumloop. its very simple, and quiet. i would take it for special parts.

Description : hard bass. very noisy

Description : Hard drums with a soft choir in the background

Description : A Drum And Bass - Drum Loop.
If You Use This Loop, Please Contact Me And Send Me Your Song.

if you use a bassline on it, make sure, the last sound of the bass is cut away too! this sounds pretty cool, like in the song

Hive - Neo VIP

Description : A very hard break

Description : my 2nd loop

Description : My First Loop ever.
it has a very high cutoff value.
i hope you like it

Loops 1 - 16 of 16